Backcountry skiing and snowboarding in Karakol valley

Kyrgyzstan becomes one of the popular skiing destinations. Karakol mountains have good conditions for freeride (backcountry) for those adventurous extreme skiers and snowboarders, who are already bored of simple ski bases.  

We offer you guided  snowmobile backcountry ski tours on deep powder in our amazingly beautiful Karakol gorge! You'll have no limits, no lines, no restrictions!

You will be trained to avalanche safety before trip and you will be also equipped with avalanche gear (beeper, shovel, probe - 15$/ kit, guide - 100$/group of 6-7 people).

Prices for snowmobile trip in Karakol valley: 

 - Minimum service package: (3 lifts)- 55$/per person
 - Maximum: (the number of lifts is unlimited)- 100$/per person
 - The minimum number of people in group- 3 people.

For people who want to go higher- snowshoes are available. (from 10$)

Snowmobile is not a snowcat. It is not able to carry 10 people at one time. Snowmobile can carry driver and passenger. Another 3-4 people can cling to the rope and ride after snowmobile. The price doesn't depend on the way you will be lifted up.

Freeride is hazardous activity and everyone should be aware of the risk of injury. Before trip our guide will organize a briefing and will show how to use avalanche gear.

Note: In case of injuries received  during riding, we will do our best to provide the necessary assistance, but participants take their own responsibility during riding.

Also you may rent a snowmobile for your private excursion.
Price of rent(for 1 person)with driver- 100$/ hour.


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